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Early Prevention

The team at Dentistry For Children in Montgomery & Wetumpka, AL is proud to serve infants, children, and teens with quality preventative dental services like fluoride treatments and dental exams. As a practice dedicated to oral health from a young age, we believe in providing education and resources to children and their parents to help them understand the long-term benefits of great dental habits. Prevention is the best medicine, and we’re here to help you keep your child’s teeth beautiful and healthy for years to come!

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Good Oral Hygiene Starts Before The First Tooth Erupts

An infant’s oral health starts immediately, as healthy gums serve as a great foundation for healthy teeth. Primary teeth also direct the growth pattern. It’s important for parents to monitor the health of their infant’s gums and other soft tissue. Primary, or “baby” teeth need a good foundation, as they aid in the development of the jaw, and position of the permanent teeth.

What Happens If My Infant Loses A Tooth Too Early?

Losing baby teeth early from trauma or infection can cause problems. Primary teeth play a pivotal role in development. Not only are they necessary for chewing food and speaking clearly, they also serve to direct the eruption of permanent teeth. If an infant loses a tooth prematurely, they may need a space maintainer to hold the natural space until the permanent teeth arrive.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a form of tooth decay caused by milk or formula that is left in an infant’s mouth. This is usually caused by leaving a bottle in an infant’s mouth while they sleep, which allows the sugar to mix with the bacteria and forms an acid. This acid attacks the tooth enamel.

The best way to prevent baby bottle tooth decay is by not allowing infants to breast or bottle feed while they sleep. Gently run a damp washcloth along the gums to remove any excess milk or formula after feeding. You should also check their gums and teeth every two weeks for dull white spots or lines. If you identify them, please call our office to set up an appointment and we can help you fight baby bottle tooth decay.

Scheduling Your Infant’s First Dental Exam

Call us today to help your child start life with a great smile. The ADA recommends you schedule your child’s first visit before their first birthday.

For more information on the services we provide, to schedule an appointment, or any other dental questions, please contact Dentistry For Children today at 334-277-6830. We look forward to serving both you and your child! We have offices in both Montgomery and Wetumpka.

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